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The latest images added to my site, including new work and also reworked previous images. If you want to see just new images, view the Latest Work section of Portfolios
  • Cascade

    A small waterfall tumbles into the River Etive already swollen by the recent heavy rains.Location: Glen Etive, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 5-1011-2587 Copyright © 2010 Phil Corley

  • Sun and Pines

    A patch-work of early morning light illuminates a copse of Pine trees on the shoreline of Lochan na Hachlaise on Rannock MoorLocation: Rannock Moor, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 5-1011-2408 Copyright © 2010 Phil Corley

  • Loch Clair Morning

    The predawn drive to Loch Clair had been through rain and then snow, but shortly before dawn the snow stopped and the wind dropped. It was then just a case of waiting for the light and about 90 minutes after sunrise the light swept in low across the loch lighting the peak of Liathach. Beautiful.Location: Loch Clair, Torridon,Scotland Catalogue Reference: 6-1402-7110 Copyright © 2014 Phil Corley

  • Greens and Lighthouse

    New Brighton Lighthouse or Perch Rock Lighthouse, is a decommissioned lighthouse situated at the confluence of the River Mersey and Liverpool Bay.... And it has these wonderful weed covered rocks :-)Location: New Brighton, Wirral Catalogue Reference: 7-0217-0082 Copyright © 2017 Phil Corley

  • Edge of the Weather

    The weather was horrible, a strong wind was blowing the rain sideways directly into the camera lens; but we knew the weather would break and when it did we hoped it would produce the blast of light that often is on the edge of the weather. So we waited and waited. After about 50 minutes I had sunk about 6 inches into the bog I was standing in, but the rain stopped and the grasses glowed with a warm luminous light. Shower-cap off the camera and time to capture two images before the light faded into normality. br>Location: Torridon, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 6-1402-7210 Copyright © 2014 Phil Corley

  • Mountain Rainbow

    It was one of those times; set up to capture the last light of the day across the Torridon mountains, when a snow shower flew in on the wind. Suddenly everything changed, the golden light flooded the landscape, the wind grew in strength and a double rainbow popped up to my left. It was a real rush; the careful composition created was forgotten and the tripod flung around to capture the light-show we were being given. Then it was all over, but the rushing, the wind and the cold was worth it.Location: Upper Diabaig, Torridon, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 6-1402-7231 Copyright © 2014 Phil Corley

  • Maree Dawn - Number 2

    As dawn arrived over Loch Maree, the clouds started to break allowing a vivid winter sunrise to flood in, spreading its influence over the wind ruffled surface of the loch; but still leaving the snow capped summit of Slioch in the twilight shadows. Different to my other work from this location - "Maree Pre-Dawn" I used a faster exposure to freeze the moving clouds in place allowing the beautiful cloud structure to show.Location: Slattadale, Wester Ross, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 6-1402-7262 Copyright © 2014 Phil Corley

  • Maree Pre-Dawn

    It was windy, very windy on the shores of Loch Maree and the clouds were speeding past the snow-capped summit of Slioch. Even then, the explosion of the coming dawn forced its way through the clouds, creating an almost other-world experience in the twilight. To try and capture the force of the winds and speed of the clouds, a long exposure was used to combine 30 seconds into a single moment of time.Location: Slattadale, Wester Ross, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 6-1402-7257 Copyright © 2014 Phil Corley

  • Loch Clair Dawn

    The morning had started wet followed by snow, but it was mild and the snow didn't settle - except on the top of the mountains. Shortly after dawn, the rising sun flooded the landscape with a cool pink glow bringing the windswept scene aliveLocation: Loch Clair, Torridon,Scotland Catalogue Reference: 6-1402-7082 Copyright © 2014 Phil Corley

  • Salt Marshes of Annat

    With a fresh dusting of snow covering the salt marshes at Annat the light manages to paint the side of Beinn Allign as another snow shower approaches.Location: Annat, Torridon, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 7-1501-0839 Copyright © 2015 Phil Corley

  • Single Pine

    A single pine tree preches on top of a small hill over looking Loch Maree and the flanks of Slioch, with the passing snow shower turning the background into a monochromatic sceneLocation: Loch Maree, Torridon, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 7-1501-0791 Copyright © 2015 Phil Corley

  • Winter Loch Clair

    A soft defused pink is picked up in the sky and waters of Loch Clair as the next snow storm difts past the edge of LiathachLocation: Loch Clair, Torridon,Scotland Catalogue Reference: 7-1502-0927 Copyright © 2015 Phil Corley

  • Feeder Steam

    I am not sure the rain had stopped in the last 7 days on the Isle of Skye, but a wet trip out found this woodland scene as an overflowing feeder stream poured into the Ord River. Did I mention it was wet!Location: Near Ord, Sleet, Isle of Skye, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 7-1410-0446 Copyright © 2014 Phil Corley

  • Rock-pool and Clouds

    As the tide retreated from the beach at Laig Bay, the falling water started to form a rock-pool around two black, glistening stones, whilst the high winds created a surreal cloud-scape above the island of Rum in the distance.Location: Isle of Eigg, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 5-1009-1650 Copyright © 2009 Phil Corley

  • Loch Maree Evening

    Just after sunset the cool colours of twilight cover the still waters of Loch Maree and the snow covered flanks of SilochLocation: Loch Maree, Highlands, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 7-1501-0766 Technical Information: Three vertical images stitched into a panoramaCopyright © 2015 Phil Corley

  • Winter's Dawn

    30 minutes before sunrise and a calm descended over Loch Torridon as one snow shower passed and the next arrived.Location: Annat, Torridon, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 7-1502-0996 Technical Information: Four vertical images stitched into a panoramaCopyright © 2015 Phil Corley

  • Twilight Calm

    After having driven through blizzards, wondering if the roads would allow us to get to Annat, we arrived to an unexpected and almost surreal calm making this view down Loch Torridon irresistible.Location: Annat, Torridon, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 7-1502-0995 Copyright © 2015 Phil Corley

  • Snow Shower over Torridon

    On a calm morning a band of snow drifts in over Loch Torridon signalling the start of the next blizzardLocation: Annat, Torridon, Scotland Catalogue Reference: 7-1502-1009 Copyright © 2015 Phil Corley

  • Mountain, Rorbuer and Ice

    Pre-dawn and a single light in the red Rorbuer provides a warm glow as the frozen fjord cracks and goans with the moment of the tide.Location: Reine, Lofoten Islands, Norway Catalogue Reference: 7-1602-1149 Copyright © 2016 Phil Corley

  • Snow Topping

    The falling tide leaves behind the remains of the last snowfall protected by the small outcrop of rocks on the beach at RambergLocation: Ramberg, Lofoten Islands, Norway Catalogue Reference: 7-1602-1284 Copyright © 2016 Phil Corley

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