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A Collection of Tips and Things

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July 23, 2012

Sometimes a few little words of wisdom can help someone take a great leap forward. Below are a few tips or words of wisdom from me…

Tip 1: Photography is an art. If you are a photographer then you are also an artist. The technical aspects of photography are just tools; do not focus on the tools, but focus on the doing. To be a great photographer, you need to be able to use your tools, but you need to think like the artist you are.

Tip 2: Read as much as you can: If you just starting out, I highly recommend Michael Freeman’s The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos as a great grounder in learning how to compose a picture. If you are already well on your own journey, then I do recommend Peter Watson’s Reading the Landscape as a excellent guide to seeing the images that are hidden in the landscape

Tip 3: People starting out in Landscape photography often wonder how the professionals approach a location and take their photographs; I know I certainly did and wondered what magic they used that I was missing. An excellent insight to this is David Noton’s Chasing the Light DVD, which covers the essentials of landscape photography.

Tip 4: Often when planning where to go for a sunrise or sunset shoot, looking at the OS map helps see the lay of the land and possible locations that may work. However, I also make use of Google Earth (see http://earth.google.co.uk/) as this has a great feature to play the path of the sun across a 3rd view of landscape. Using this, you can see where and when the sun will rise/set and get a very good idea of which parts of the landscape will be lit by the rays of the sun. If you haven’t tried Google Earth, then I recommend you try planning your next outing using it.

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