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Workshops are Not Just for Beginners

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April 23, 2013

After too long a period not being engaged in the art of Landscape Photography, I felt a need for inspiration and an injection of creativity, so I booked myself on a photographic workshop with Bruce Percy* to the Isle of Skye.

I had been on a workshop with Bruce before and Bruce’s view of photography as an art and not a technical activity provides a fresh experience with ample creativity.

In addition, having not been to Skye before and only having a week to spare between a very busy workload, I find having someone to get you to the right places, at the right times, the most efficient way of using my time.

As ever, spending five days in the company of Bruce and three other like minded photographers, provided that shot of inspiration and creativity I felt I needed. It was a bit like a detox, cleaning away the cobwebs and flushing out the system.

As it was, the weather was terrible for landscape photography (but great for tourists and holiday makers!). It was mild, not much wind and dry for all but part of the last day. What I had wished for was unsettled weather with heavy showers and sunny intervals; however, the challenge of the bad weather helped the detox as it made you work harder to create the images; they didn’t just pop up due to lashings of dramatic light and stunning scenery!

I had travelled up, via a stopover in Glencoe, with the hope for half a dozen images, a target I am glad to say I hit (just!).

* For details of Bruce’s work and his Photographic Workshops and Tours, see:

Images to be added.....

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