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Just Back from Iceland

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March 4, 2018

Two weeks ago I was in the depths of a good Icelandic winter, travelling along the south coast on an Aspect2i workshop. As I have mentioned before, I like to book on workshops/tours from time-to-time as it makes the logistics easier; you share the time with like-minded people and someone else worries about getting me into the right place at the right time 😊 Check out my previous blog on “Workshops are not just for Beginners”.

Having not been on an Aspect2i workshop before, I wasn’t sure how the week would go, or what mix of people there would be. Didn’t have to worry though, the group were great, Michael Pilkington was leading the workshop and he was brilliant – all in we all had lots of laughs and everyone got on with each other. We visited some of the more touristy places (not much fun to me; too many people) and a lot of locations that aren’t visited often (brilliant for me!). The itinerary was very flexible and adjusted depending on the weather and mood, so I feel we made the best of our time.

Even though we know we shouldn’t, we do judge these trips on the number of “keeper” images we manage to get, and I am glad to say I exceeded my target (which is normally 2 a day) hitting 24 “keepers” and 15 of these have made it to my Iceland Portfolio. To view all the “keepers” click on this link: Iceland 2018

Now, to decide when I am going back to Iceland – as I know I will be 😊

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