About - Phil Corley


I am a Landscape Photographer based in Cheshire (England), specialising in creating photographs of mountain and coastal scenes, often using the light to communicate the emotion and beauty of these wonderful locations.

This site is an online gallery of the photographs I have created as I continue to practice and learn the art of capturing the light, land and water.

A few years ago, I started to develop my understanding of Landscape Photography as an art form, not simply as a documentary recording of a scene but something hopefully far more emotional. Prior to this, there was something missing from my pictures and I often felt I was just creating rushed facsimiles of scenes and not capturing what I felt, and how I saw a landscape.

To me, this type of photography is addictive; there is always something to learn – not just the techniques, not just the way to compose, nor how to handle the light; but learning how to feel an image and how to record your feelings along with the beauty of the light and the landscape.

This will be a never ending journey as around each bend there may be another wonderful scene to be captured and another lesson (or more) to be learnt.  Please spend some time looking through my portfolios and please leave some comments or share my images to your friends and family.

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